Capture your entire user journey from acquisition to exploration to checkout.

“From our digital product and design teams exploring customer behavior trends to their automagic ETL, we use Heap to make better decisions, faster."

Director of Analytics

Michael Kaminsky

Make better decisions, faster.

Improve ROI, drive conversions, and increase AOV

Codeless Analytics

Automatically capture every swipe, tap, click, page view and purchase, no code required. Seamlessly join web, app, and Shopify data without your engineering team.

Ad Hoc Funnels

Expose friction in your check out process. Analyze the CVR across different channels, devices, and cohorts of users on the fly.

Complete Dataset

Capture every touch to understand what it takes to drive a purchase, what channels drive higher order values, and what behavior leads to an increase life time value and average order value.

Dynamic Cohorting

Build cohorts by filtering for by their realtime behavior and historical actions. Combine user activity with Shopify's customer information to create complex personas.

Codelessly capture and combine onsite and mobile browsing behavior with data from your Shopfiy store and optimization tool to answer questions like:

  • Do reviewers have higher order values?
  • What channels drive customers with the highest LTV?
  • What A/B tests result in the highest average order value?
  • What behavior is correlated with returns?
  • What behaviors drive conversion and brand loyalty?

For more information about what Heap automatically captures check out our docs here!

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